Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy describes the management of any client’s personal information. The psychological service provided is bound by the Australian Privacy Principals’ legal requirements outlined in the Privacy Act 1988 (
This Privacy Policy describes our policies about collecting, using, and disclosing your data connected with your use of our platform, websites, any emails or services availed. Any information submitted to Mindshift Psychology will be collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
The policies are subject to change, and Mindshift Psychology has the right to alter these policies from time to time. By visiting our site, you accept and consent to the practices described here.


Psychological Services

As part of providing psychological services to our clients, it may be necessary for Mindshift Psychology to collect and record personal information. The information collected is essential in our assessment, diagnosis, and treatment and thus necessary for your psychologist to provide relevant and informed psychological services.



All personal information gathered and recorded by Mindshift Psychology during the provision of psychological services will remain confidential and secure, except where:
⦁ A court of law subpoenas it
⦁ Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious and imminent risk of harm.
Mindshift Psychology is mandated by law to report to the Department of Children, Youth Justice, and Multicultural Affairs if they have concerns that a child or young individual is at risk of harm.
There may be instances where, as part of your assessment and therapy process, your psychologist has to liaise with other people, agencies, or medical professionals relevant to your goals. In these instances, the request for additional consent forms will be applied. Please note that if you intend to claim Medicare rebates, your psychologist must provide summary reports to your referral specialist regarding your treatment progress. Under the Medicare Scheme, these reports will be sent to your General Practitioner/Psychiatrist.


Collecting Client Information

Our client information is collected in several ways; before, during, and after psychological consultation with Mindshift Psychology. Some of the ways how Mindshift Psychology will collect information include, but is not limited to:
⦁ Hard copy and electronic forms
⦁ Email correspondence
⦁ When the client interacts directly with their psychologist and other Mindshift Psychology employees
⦁ Through the Mindshift Psychology website
⦁ When other healthcare professionals provide clients’ personal information to Mindshift Psychology via referral, correspondence, and medical reports.


Storing Client Information

All our client hard copy files are stored in a secure filing cabinet, while soft copy data is stored through an electronic document management system.
These files are accessible only to authorised employees of Mindshift Psychology.


Destruction of Client Files

By law, Mindshift Psychology is required to maintain and store your personal information for the following periods:
⦁ If the client is 18 years or older: we will maintain your records for a minimum of 7 years.
⦁ If the client is under 18: until the client turns the minimum age of 25.


Requests for Access and Correction to Client Information

Time and again, clients may request to see and correct the personal information about them kept on file at Mindshift Psychology. If the client asks for an update upon viewing their details, the psychologist may discuss the contents with the client and give them a copy, subject to the exceptions in the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth).
If the client believes that the personal information is inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete, reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the correct data is updated.
Clients should lodge all requests pertaining to gaining access to or correcting personal information about them to Mindshift Psychology in writing. The response to these requests will be reverted with 14 business days, and an appointment will be made, if necessary, for clarification purposes.


Client Concerns About Management of Personal Information

If a client has concerns about managing their personal information, they may inform Mindshift Psychology. Upon request, they can obtain a copy of the Australian Privacy Principles, which describe their rights and how their personal information should be handled.
Ultimately, suppose clients wish to lodge a formal complaint about the use of, disclosure of, or access to their data. In that case, they may do so with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by phone on 1300 363 992, online at, or by post to Office of the Australian Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2201.