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Professional Psychology

We are deeply committed to caring and providing psychological care that builds on your strengths and addresses your needs regardless of race, sex, age, gender orientation, or ethnicity. We firmly believe in fostering a culture of inclusion that supports change and personalised growth.


Looking for a medication-free approach to depression?
Dealing with depression is a significant challenge, but it’s not insurmountable. If feelings of helplessness and sadness are taking over your life, depression therapy can be an efficient way to counteract this state of mind without going on medication.
If left untreated, depression can manifest itself in physical symptoms and dysfunctional thought processes.
We offer various patient-driven treatment modalities centred on empathy and working closely with our clients. Our therapeutic sessions help and assess the difficulties the client faces and develop life-altering strategies to deal with these issues.
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Trauma/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Trauma affects people in numerous ways. Traumatic events such as sexual or physical assault, domestic abuse, natural disasters or witnessing a violent crime may lead to individuals developing anxiety. Feeling anxious and on-the-edge for a few days is a normal response to trauma, but with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the anxiety is far more intense, prolonged and recurring.
Individuals who develop PTSD may face far-reaching problems in their relationships and self-esteem. Often such individuals relive the trauma either through nightmares, intrusive memories, flashbacks of vivid memories that seem too real, detachment from reality, and inconsistent sleep patterns.
At Mindshift Psychology, our professionals help you walk through all the options available and recommend the best-suited treatment based on your circumstances.
Our clients are generally referred to us by their general practitioners; however, you can opt to reach out to us if dealing with a grief-stricken, anxious or angry family member.
We have garnered extensive experience over the years and can quickly identify your unique needs and symptoms. We focus on your goals and priorities, ensuring that we treat you in a safe and supportive environment.
Getting treatment can help manage your symptoms and enable you to deal with traumatic memories and feelings without being overwhelmed or emotionally numb.
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Mindshift psychology helps people address their anxiety. It is integral to understand that anxiety is treatable, and you don’t have to struggle alone in silence.
We offer evidence-based anxiety treatment and work closely with our clients to understand the deep-rooted cause of their anxiety. We help provide an action plan that tackles your symptoms and fosters change from within.
We ensure that your input and opinions are placed at the centre of your treatment, and are involved in all decisions pertaining to your well-being. This personalised approach helps achieve the best possible outcome and a fulfilling experience.
Our supportive and compassionate treatment environment provides an ideal setting for you to address the issues, making you feel anxious. This is crucial for taking slow but steady steps towards recovery.
With our professional help, we can help you overcome anxiety harming different aspects of your life, including:
⦁ Your relationship with family members and peers
⦁ Performance at work or school
⦁ General health and well-being
We understand that seeking help can be daunting; however, it is integral for you to take the first step to overcome your fears and get back on track with sufficient support. Set the stage for successfully making a conscious decision to promote personal well-being, vitality, and a positive outlook on everyday life.
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Individual Counselling

Distress can mean anything ranging from negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours to bodily sensations such as pain or fatigue. Deal with distressing events in life by opting for counselling.
We help enable individuals feel inspired to change or improve the quality of their life.
It may be in your best interest to seek therapy if you experience discomfort and are overwhelmed or feel hopeless about life. We are committed to offering a range of mental health interventions to help you find the right solution.
A one-on-one session with your counsellor provides you with the comfort to ease up and help yourself resolve conflicts. Since there is no definitive solution for all our clients, we work closely with our clients and customise their therapeutic counselling options.

Anxiety Group Therapy

Group sessions are a great place to build interpersonal skills and deal with anxiety in a comforting environment.
In group therapy sessions, participants learn different strategies and effective techniques to cope with anxious states of mind. The group’s primary objective is to help individuals become aware of their anxious thought patterns and behaviours. Additionally, you will learn psychological techniques to control anxiety and maintain gains.
Each group comprises 6-8 participants on an average who have to be assessed according to the eligibility criteria. The participants are immersed in weekly group meetings in a healing setting where they benefit from the sessions; attendants are supported and encouraged by the therapist and peers.
At Mindshift Psychology, we have a special interest in working with individuals suffering from all forms of anxiety.
Feel free to reach out to us for any further queries about the sessions or to register yourself or a loved one for the group.


Stress can negatively influence close relationships in your life, work, and social engagements with friends. Stress can be debilitating, leaving you exhausted and seriously affecting your confidence and ability to enjoy life.
At Mindshift Psychology, our stress management therapy ensures that we understand your journey and relate to you to comprehend what you feel. We offer proven whole-person care for stress and emotional exhaustion.
Our stress management program is distinct as we assess life events contributing to your stress and tailor solutions exclusive to you. We firmly believe that stress doesn’t define who you are and doesn’t rob you of your happiness.
We believe in the possibility of self-recovery, healing, and counselling to help you truly embrace hope and rejuvenates your zeal and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest.

Chronic Pain

At some point in our life, we all experience prolonged physical pain. Experiences vary from person to person, and the intensity can range from mild to excruciating pain with varying durations.
Pain can stem from a wide array of reasons:
⦁ Systemic imbalances due to unbalanced lifestyle,
⦁ Genetic Dispositions,
⦁ Insensitivity,
⦁ Autoimmune diseases,
⦁ Accidents, and more.
Pain is considered to only exist in mind as an alert system to protect the body from harm. But the human body is magnificent in ways we can’t comprehend. The body remembers traumatic events and pain-like symptoms of old injuries resurface in the face of crisis or stress-induced times.
While most pain felt is relatively brief or temporary, some people experience chronic pain persistently at length, with the pain either being generalised or localised to a specific area.
This is a widespread problem that affects millions around the world.
Our cognitive behavioural approach towards treating chronic pain may help resolve the underlying issues that govern imbalance patterns in the mind and body. Our methods have demonstrated favourable outcomes in reducing pain, stress, and anxiety while improving functional ability.

Interpersonal Issues

Stress, anxiety, anger and frustration may not directly impact relationships; however, these do strain relationships and create problems in interpersonal connections.
At Mindshift Psychology, we help you fix your interpersonal relationships and improve social functioning to live a normal life. Our goal is to help you communicate better with others and address the underlying problems contributing to distanced relationships.
We firmly believe that relationships are at the centre of most psychological problems. Once addressed, strengthening relationships can serve as an essential support network throughout the recovery process.
Our treatment approach provides a non-judgmental, active, and unbiased environment to help people in therapy successfully handle challenges and improve mental health and well-being.


Grief is a reaction to any form of loss. Most people experience loss at some point in their lives. Bereavement and grief encompass a range of feelings, from deep sadness to guilt and anger.
The process of grieving is a complicated mix of emotions and can vary dramatically from one person to another. Grief can be further complicated by other mental health concerns, most notably depression.
One of the biggest challenges after loss is adjusting to the new reality of living.
At Mindshift Psychology, we first assess and identify where people are in the grieving process, enabling them to identify their strengths and develop ways to cope. We work closely with our clients to validate the experience of grief and find resilience and coping mechanisms. Our services help clients identify particular areas of strength and support and help them learn potential growth areas.