Terms and Conditions

We are dedicated to protecting the personal data we process and consider it of utmost importance. Our terms and conditions manage the relationship between our clients and Mindshift Psychology.
The terms and conditions and our privacy policy outlined apply to you as a visitor to the Mindshift Psychology website.
This Privacy Policy describes our policies about collecting, using, and disclosing your data connected with your use of our platform, websites, any emails or services availed. Any information submitted to Mindshift Psychology will be collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
By visiting our website displaying this Privacy Policy or a link to it or interacting with Mindshift Psychology, you agree to accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy.
The policies are subject to change, and Mindshift Psychology has the right to alter these policies from time to time. By visiting our site, you accept and consent to the practices described here.


Bookings, Confirmation and Cancellations

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel any appointment with Mindshift Psychology.

  • Our cancellation fees are as follows:
    • 24+ Hours’ Notice: No cancellation fee applied
    • 0 to 24 Hours’ Notice: If within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, you are unable to attend your session, Mindshift Psychology will offer the following options:
      • Complete the appointment over the phone or video consultation.
      • Reschedule appointment to the next available spot. Please note that you will be charged 50 per cent of the full fee if you choose this option.
    • No Shows: Full Fee

This policy supports us in scheduling appointments and keeping slots available for clients conveniently. Consultation Booking Confirmation
We don’t entertain any tentative bookings.

To keep slots available, we comply with the policy outlined here and thereby recommend carefully choosing your bookings. Upon making an initial booking, a consent form and a link to the intake will be emailed to you that needs to be duly filled out prior to your scheduled appointment.



Mindshift Psychology accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Debit Cards.
By making a booking with Mindshift Psychology and providing your credit/debit card details, you authorise us to store and use your card to complete an online payment. Fees are automatically charged to the credit card during the scheduled appointment time. All prices quoted are in Australian Dollar (AU$).


Refund Policy

Payment will not be debited from your credit/debit card provided a minimum of 24 hours notice is given to cancel scheduled appointments.
A 50 percent refund will be payable if a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is not provided. No refund will be payable if you have not given 24 hours’ notice and have not attended your appointment.
Each transaction will be treated as an individual transaction and is subject to these terms and conditions at the time of the transaction.



Using the Mindshift Psychology website or when you make an appointment with Mindshift Psychology, you agree to these terms and conditions.
Mindshift Psychology’s terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Please ensure you check these terms and conditions regularly to be aware of any updates.